Jack's Day: The Giving Project

Providing Memory Boxes to Families in Need

We Would Like To Thank.....

Many individuals and families have come together to help and donate to Jack's Day. We created this special page as a tribute of thanks to them for everything they have done for our project. Many of the people who have donated, have done so in memory of a baby, and we hope that our project honors those babies memories respectfully.

Families and Individuals

  • Andrea and Roy Johnson
  • Marie Hughes
  • Angie and Ed Bell
  • Nicole and Roy Johnson
  • Linda Parsons
  • Angie Winton
  • Heather Light Collier
  • Robbie and Amanda Cox
  • Melissa and Randy Mayerson
  • Aimee and Jason Sturgill
  • Su Lin Henry
  • Cynthia Kesckes
  • Amy Burton
  • Judy Traxler
  • Abigail Boxman
  • Randi Fires and Alex Roehling
  • Julie and Jason McPeak
  • Robbie Rea
  • Karen Hanna
  • Cyndi Ross
  • Angira Draggon
  • John Colby
  • Chandra and Jorge Villasenor
  • Karen Rivers
  • Shannon Ryan
  • Randi Williams


 Thank you to the many individuals and families who have not been mentioned here.

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